Art Pro Audio T8 - 8 Channel Transformer/Isolator ART087

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  • Art Pro Audio T8 - 8 Channel Transformer/Isolator ART087

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The T8™ Transformer Eight is a high quality totally passive audio interface that uses 8transformers to separate input and output signal grounds thereby isolating two systems andreducing hum and ground-loop noise. The T8’s audio transformers have flat and wide frequencyresponse and handle high signal levels while maintaining an isolated balanced output. This givesthe T8 a very clean and neutral sound with a wide variety of signal sources. The transformers arewound for 1:1 unity gain and are designed to be used with impedances from 600 ohms to 100kohms.Connection versatility sets the T8 apart from other isolation boxes. The T8 provides balancedXLR 1/4" phone and RCA type phono connections on all inputs and outputs simultaneously.The T8 fits easily into virtually any audio system and is a clean patch point between all types ofsystems.The T8s mounting ears are reversible so you can have either the XLRs on the front or The 1/4"and RCA phono jacks on the front. This maximizes flexibility in cabling your system. Whetheryou need an interface between a computer based audio workstation and your monitor systemisolation on long cable runs in a fixed installation isolation of multiple signal sources from yourrecording equipment or in many cases just a safer connection between two audio systems theT8 can accommodate.Its full feature set rugged construction and high-end specifications make the T8 the obviouschoice for Live Sound Permanent/Fixed Install D.J. and virtually any PA application.

Outer box quantity 1
Gross Weight (Packaged) (kg) 0
Packaged Depth (cm) 9.5
Outer Box Height (cm) 0
Gross weight outer carton (kg) 0
Packaged Height (cm) 4.5
Net weight (kg) 1.7
Packaged Width (cm) 48.2
Inner box quantity 1
Gross Weight (kg) 0
Outer Box Width (cm) 0
Outer Box Length (cm) 0
Frequency Response (Hz) 10Hz -50kHz +/-.5dB @ +4dBu

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